How We Raise Our Pups

We use Training and Working Dogs For Quiet Confident Control of Stock by Scott Lithgow as our main guide to raising pups.  We also follow elements of the "Puppy Culture" method of early puppy training techniques for confidence building and socialization.  Additionally we add/change training elements based off personal experience.  My pups start training and imprinting from birth with "super puppy" training protocol.  As they get older they are constantly given more socialization, desensitization, and opportunities to overcome new challenges.  They start basic housetraining, explore new places, hear and see a variety of stimuli.  We use both positive and negative reinforcement in training our dogs.

Join our waiting list!

We ask for a puppy application and $50 waiting list deposit.  Once on the list we will contact you when pups arrive.  Collie pups are $1500 unless otherwise noted.

What's included at puppy pickup?

-1st shot

-4 wormings 

- records & schedule for future shots and wormings

-training and care instructions

-OTSCA puppy registration

-puppy contract

-puppy food and supplies

-lifetime support


"Lex has already begun proving his worth as a farm dog.  I was doing chores in the "bunny barn", and suddenly I heard Lex barking excitedly. He hadn't done much barking at all before, so I went to find out what was up. One of our goats had gotten loose and had her head buried in the feed bin. At first, I couldn't believe that Lex had perceived that this was indeed something to get upset over, but sure enough, as soon as I got hold of the goat and put her back in her pen, he settled right back to playing and exploring. Such a terrifically smart pup! And handsome to boot!  He is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! He is always ready to lend a hand and tag along; he helps me move the goats and isn't at all deterred by grumpy goats. He loves to learn new tricks and has a happy, clownish personality."- Shannon in GA

Available Pups


Ian (Maple Run Lotus) x Pleasant View Farm's Aspen Holbrook
Scotch Collie pups born 12/8/21

Projected pedigree at

Video of Ian herding at



Tricolor boy 1
Pending Merrell-Ann P

Tricolor Girl 1
"Charlie" Pending Stephanie J

Tricolor girl 2


Tricolor boy 2


Blue Merle Girl
pending Whit S


Sable Girl 1
"Gia" pending Heather G


Sable merle boy 1
"Knox" Pending Jennifer B

Sable girl 2
"Scotch" pending Matt K

212478950_10165286905875111_7107477166455590271_n (1).jpg

Butterscotch Farm's Oh Henry x Coyner Farm's Skye Holbrook
Scotch Collie pups born 12/29/21
Due to the fact that this is the first time combining these genetics, the close physical similarity between pups, & the fact that we as breeders intend to keep 2 pups I am waiting until these pups are around 6 weeks to decide which pup goes to which home.All of the sables are nearly identical in color and will be classic "shaded sable" like our dog Aspen mother to the litter listed above.  $1800 each.
3 "spots" remaining for reservation in this litter. When reserving a spot I can take into consideration preferences in gender and color but personality will be the deciding factor.  Contact me with questions.

Pedigree at



Sable Girl 3

Sable Girl 1

Sable Girl 2


Sable Merle Girl 2

Sable Girl 4

Sable Merle Girl 1


Sable Boy 2

Sable Boy 1