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How We Raise Our Pups

We take early puppy training very seriously and pride ourselves on producing dogs with brave, intelligent, thoughtful, friendly, trainable personalities.  We use Training and Working Dogs For Quiet Confident Control of Stock by Scott Lithgow.  We also follow elements of the "Puppy Culture" method of early puppy training techniques for confidence building and socialization.  Additionally we add/change training elements based off personal experience.  My pups start training and imprinting from birth with "super puppy" training protocol.  As they get older they are constantly given more socialization, desensitization, and opportunities to overcome new challenges.  They are constantly doted on by children and adults and raised in our noisy, fun loving household.  They start basic housetraining, explore new places, hear and see a variety of stimuli.  We use both positive and negative reinforcement in training our dogs. Nutrition is also a critical aspect of producing confident smart pups.  We feed a combinatio of fresh food and high quality kibble and also supplement algae derived DHA for optimum brain development. 

Join our waiting list!

We ask for a puppy application and will then notify you once litters are bred, pups are available etc. 

What's included at puppy pickup?

-1st shot

-4 wormings 

- records & schedule for future shots and wormings

-training and care instructions

-OTSCA puppy registration

-puppy contract

-lifetime support


"Maggie Mae is an outstanding example of what a Scotch Collie is all about. She is intelligent, inquisitive, very observant, and has a great curiosity about the world around her. She loves people, rarely barks, and is not fearful of loud noises and new experiences. I attribute these qualities to the good temperaments of her parents as well as Helen's training skills, and the socialization she received growing up on a farm with children, dogs, and many other types of animals. I couldn't be more pleased with my new puppy!"

- Frances in NY

Available Pups


Skye (pedigree here) x Tad (pedigree here) litter born April 20 2023. Scotch collie pups.

Meet the babies!



Tricolor boy. "Skye Cyrus"  $1500.
Spoken for by Yasmina


Sable Merle - my keeper


Blue merle girl
I love her unique eye catching markings!
$1800 Spoken for L. Jensen "Blaze"



Tricolor girl.  $1500
Reserved by Amber



Sable merle boy
$1500 - "Phineas" Spoken for Jared S


Sable merle girl
Spoken for J. Charbeneau "Elsie"


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