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We raise registered Welsh and Half Welsh Ponies as well as some gaited Foxtrotter ponies.  Meet the herd! Available horses can be seen here
Holbrook's Dolly Madison

Dolly is the one that made us fall in love with Foxtrotters.  The perfect size at 14 hands she will interact and bond like I had never known a horse to do.  She loves to play, is so smart, and to top it off she is so agile and athletic. She can carry little me, or a much larger load with ease.  She has amazing stamina and can go all day.  And of course has an amazing foxtrot.

Red Rock's Scarlett O' Hara

Scarlett is our second foxtrotter.  A solid dependable girl at 14.3 hands I can rely on her to pack visitors, hubby and give them a smooth fun ride.  She has a nice foxtrot and an amazing rocking chair canter.  

Our Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon is a registered 13 hand Foxtrotter pony. A quick learner and incredibly athletic. She has jusst recently been started under saddle.

Rhiannon's White Magic

Our stud boy he has an incredibly brave, easygoing, friendly personality.  Nothing fazes him and he loves to play and explore.  Almost like a big puppy, not a horse as a baby he liked to sleep in laps.  He travelled here all the way from Missouri to live with us.  Updated pics soon. Expected to mature around 14 hands he has a lovely natural gait.


Our best children's riding and lesson pony Taffy is a lovely Shetland mare that measures 11 hands

Ronlin's Pebbles

Worth her weight in gold, we have itty bitty 12 hand Pebbles brought from Arkansas as a child's mount.  I hunted for years for one like this and she was worth the wait!  She rides like a big horse, is incredibly forgiving and quiet natured, and has been perfect for 6 year old Matthias. 

Pride's Mayflower

Mayflower is 13.2 hands of dappled buckskin paint color.  She is very willing and sweet and so smooth.  She is an excellent broodmare and such a willing, smart ride that everyone in the family claims that she is their personal ride.

Sunrise Golden Victory

Victory is a sweet registered 13.2 hand palomino gelding.  He is perfect for teaching children to jump! He is calm, honest, and very in your pocket.  He was raised here and thinks he is a puppy!

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