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Our Mares
We select our mares first and foremost for child friendly  temperaments and use all of our mares as our main family riding horses
Our Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon is a registered 13 hand Foxtrotter pony. A quick learner and incredibly athletic.


Taffy is a dream pony!  She is a 12 year old chocolate palomino paint Shetland pony, 11.2 hands tall. She is built like a mini draft complete with feathering on her legs! She has a smooth floaty trot that is easy for beginner children to sit.  She has been with us for 5 years as one of our personal trail horses. She has taught both of our boys to ride. She is one experienced trail pony! She can handle the most difficult and technical trails with ease carrying a toddler or small child safely on her back.  She will ride independently or is also very well trained on a lead line and always stays nicely at heel.  She knows her job and keeps her cool even if another horse kicks at her, the saddle slips etc.  She has done cattle drives, swum rivers, climbed mountains, and crossed high bridges.  Taffy has absolutely no spook.  Nothing fazes her.  Parades, pushing cows, pony parties in the city, she has truly done anything you can think of! She is slow, patient, and quiet.  She will patiently pack your child out on the trails SAFELY.  She is the same horse whether she rides every day or every few months! 

Pride's Mayflower

Mayflower is 13.2 hands of dappled buckskin paint color.  She is very willing and sweet and so smooth.  She is an excellent broodmare and such a willing, smart ride that everyone in the family claims that she is their personal ride.

Ronlin's Pebbles

Worth her weight in gold, we have itty bitty 12 hand Pebbles brought from Arkansas as a child's mount.  I hunted for years for one like this and she was worth the wait!  She rides like a big horse, is incredibly forgiving and quiet natured, and has been perfect for children

You Are My Sunshine

We are all in love with Sunshine.  She is 13.2 hands tall and is a 3/4 Quarter Horse and 1/4 Gypsy Vanner.  Sweet, gentle, and forgiving she is confident with absolutely no spook, sensitive to cues, and quiet enough for the more timid children.

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