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Step back in time and relax at the Holbrook Ranch. 

We are a Christian homeschool family living our dream on our incredible horse ranch in Monetta SC

We raise Missouri Foxtrotter and Welsh Ponies and offer horse sales and consignment. We offer horse boarding with miles of private trails and fields to enjoy, as well as endless miles of peaceful scenic dirt roads as well, a barn, round pen, and arena. We also offer lessons and trail rides, horse sales and consignment, and horse training.


Our best friends on the ranch are our beloved collies. Our collies are the historic old-style collie that the storybooks tell of.   They are faithful and eager to serve with an intelligent and gentle nature. We enjoy raising them to share with others.



Nathan & Helen Holbrook

Monetta South Carolina 29105

Founding Preservationist Member

Old Time Scotch Collie Association

ABCDT Certified Trainer


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