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Brazilian Girl

To be named: Our latest arrival this little girl is 1/4 Brazilian collie lines.  We are so excited to add this unusual and sought after import line!

 *RETIRED FROM BREEDING* Now enjoying her retirement at my mom's house.  Bonnie is 40 lbs of pure joy.   She takes care of all the smaller critters and tries to mother all baby creatures including children.  Bonnie is highly intelligent and is trained in agility, obedience, carting, and packwork.  She enjoys working chickens, sheep, and the occasional pony.  Bonnie has earned her CL1-R agility title and her Canine Good Citizen, Rally Novice and Versatility Emissary titles.  She is a therapy dog as well.  Bonnie has an excellent "off switch." When no work is needed she is happy to curl up and take a nap.  She is out of Chesney, Dunrovin, and Butcher bloodlines. Bonnie has an excellent Pennhip score of .29/.30 and is genetically tested clear for CEA, DM, MDR1, PRA m/n. Click here for pedigree 

International Grand Prix Champion Windy Hills Bonnie TD CGC VE CL1-R RCN-A
Coyner Farms Skye Holbrook

Skye is a blue merle with plenty of Dunrovin and Heritage bloodlines.  She is expected to weigh about 60 lbs. She is miss confidence and was born socialized with work ethic too!  Tested clear for CEA, PRA, MDR1, DM m/n. Click here for pedigree

Derry Down Dale

Dale has a wonderful good natured personality.  Born socialized and calm.  He is amazingly smart and has required very little formal training.  He is fantastic with children, with a nurturing temperament.  He enjoys helping with farm chores. He weighs 50 lbs.  His name references an old folk song.  He has Butcher, Mcduffie lines, and a touch of Wilson.  He is genetically tested and clear for MDR1, CEA, DM, PRA m/n.  We co-own Dale and he lives on a goat farm in Virginia. Click here for Dale's pedigree

Blue Eyed Briar

Briar is a blue eyed sable merle with a natural bobtail.  She has a highly biddable, adaptable, willing personality. She has a finely tuned mothering instinct towards children and baby animals. She is unfazed by the wild antics of children, or difficult/aggressive livestock.  She has helped herd cattle, goats, and horses without instruction.  Excellent with free-range poultry, She weighs 45 lbs. Genetically tested and clear for PRA, MDR1, VWD, CEA m/n, DM m/n

Pleasant View Farm's Aspen Holbrook

Aspen is an amazing and beautiful lady. She has a fun loving, resiliant, friendly personality, adores children, and instinctively gathers stock. Genetically tested clear for MDR1, VWD, PRA, CEA m/n, DM m/n Click here for pedigree

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