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Coyner Farms Skye Holbrook

Skye is a blue merle with plenty of Dunrovin and Heritage bloodlines.  She weighs about 50 lbs. She is miss confidence and was born socialized with work ethic too!  Tested clear for CEA, PRA, MDR1.  Skye mothers all babies. She adores chicks and has been known to crawl in their bin to cuddle them. She monitors our foal, and her #1 job is keeping a close watch on our 2 children. She leaves livestock alone unless it seems to be threatening us, or if we are trying to herd. Then she jumps into action. She is willing to handle animals as large as horses. 

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Pleasant View Farm's Aspen Holbrook

Aspen is an amazing and beautiful 55 lb lady. She has a fun loving, resiliant, friendly personality, adores children, and instinctively gathers stock. Prefers to gather, very gentle working style but focused. So far we have only worked her on chickens. She trail rides with us, has started agility, enjoys hikes and swimming, and is an excellent babysitter. Quick and agile. Genetically tested clear for MDR1, VWD, PRA.


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Holbrook Homestead's Mesa Sunrise

Mesa is a 2nd generation pup of ours.  She is very devoted to being my personal dog.  She loves to train, is eager to please, and enjoys accompanying me on barn chores and trail rides.  

Incredibly quick and agile, she also takes her job of watchdog seriously. Genetically tested clear for MDR1, VWD, PRA, CEA m/n.


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