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Proudly Presenting Our Available Horses


We occasionally offer carefully selected horses ideal for trail and family.  Our program is based on a love of making horses into best friends. We find amazing horses then carefully put them through a rigorous course of groundwork using the methodology of Buck Brannaman, Clint Anderson, and other top trainers to ensure that their training is complete and to bring out their best potential. We include our horses in our daily life, and horses are exposed to life with our dogs, children, vehicles etc.  We trailer them off to local trails and events. We then focus on giving them a wide variety of trail experiences and take them on adventures all over which often includes obstacle training, jumping, roping, and cattle work.  We are excited to be able to share some of these horses with other families.  We can't possibly keep them all, and we love working with new horses. Our passion is matchmaking horses with their human dance partners



"Stella (Tennessee Walker) is doing great.  She's so calm and sensible" - Jane B. in North Carolina

Reviews from our clients

GRR Ghost Talker Junior is an incredible 5 year old gelding that the whole family can enjoy. He has a gentle, laid back personality and will happily ride down the trails, and he will also get up and go when asked. He is perfect for a beginner that wants a horse they can do it all with! At 14 hands tall he is short enough for the kids and my mom, and he carries heavier riders easily as well. He is easy to teach, and fun to have as your best friend. The sky is the limit with Junior! You can ride sidesaddle, give lessons, swing a rope, jump, push cows, carry a flag, practice your archery, ride him single, double, or even triple! He is used to tarps, dogs, traffic, and bicycles. He neckreins, and rides English, western, or bareback! He stands quietly for mounting. He stands tied, loads and unloads in a trailer easily, is good for the farrier, and has excellent ground manners. Junior is from a foundation bloodline Appaloosa breeding program in Oregon and is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club. He is current on coggins, vaccines, and routine care. He does well barefoot or shod. He is currently barefoot. He is $4500. Email


Ruby is a joy to ride down the trails. She is a 10 year old 15 hand Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She has a lovely one hand neck rein, and handles all levels of trails with ease. She rides single or double, bareback or saddled. She has a lovely smooth gait and a nice canter. She is alsso one of the prettiest best put together horses I have seen. Watching her is eye candy! Ruby is very personable. She greets you at the gate, likes to nuzzle you and sometimes even give you a lick! She is confident on the trails and is accustomed to crossing water and bridges, tarps flapping, dogs jumping in and out of the brush, bicycles, traffic etc. She will carry a flag, let you throw a rope, or shoot a bow and arrow. She is easy to load and unload from the trailer and will stand tied all day. She can wear shoes or go barefoot, and is currently barefoot.  She is good for the farrier, easy to tack up, and up to date on coggins and care. She is $3700.  Email

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