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Adoption Application

You can simply copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and type in the answers after each question. Please do 
not send as an attached file. Email to

Names of all members of household, ages, and relationship:



Phone (hm/wk/cell):

Best time to call:

Email (hm/wk):

Your age or age range(1-18/18-29/30-49/50-65/65+):



Are you male or female?


Please describe the type of pup you are looking for:

Age of dog you would consider:

Important if it is male or female?

Coat color preference?

Are you planning to breed?

Will this be a working dog? If yes please describe work:

If you could no longer care for the dog due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control, what would happen to 
your pet(s)?

For what reasons would you give up a pet?

If you do not have any dogs now, are you planning to get a second dog in the future as a companion for this one?

Have you ever had a herding breed before?

Please describe past and current pets:

What type and brand of pet food do you feed your pet? Or, if you do not have a pet now, what did you feed any 
previous pets?

What led you to choose this brand of pet food?

If you found out there is a better quality pet food, would you be willing to switch brands?

Name of veterinarian, animal hospital, and phone number:

Are records there under your current name?

How do you plan to care for the dog's coat?

Will this dog be a family pet or a special companion for one member of the family?

Where will dog spend days?

How long will it be alone?

Where will it spend nights?

What activities do you plan to share with your new dog?

Is it important that the dog is 100% housebroken when you adopt it?

How did you find us? Google search? Puppyfind? etc.

Are you willing for us to use you as a reference?

If you live OUTSIDE the Southeast region, how would you plan to bring the dog home? (by car? air?) Would you come to Leesville SC to pick the dog up?


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